We Focus on Process, People, and Technology.

Industry: Information Technology (Data Analytics)

We are a software company & tight knit family of creative and purpose-led passionate individual. We are open to collaboration and use our shared experience and knowledge to build eloquent products for all digital mediums. We are focused on making technology more inclusive to people and believe software as tools for social change.

About DataDojo


Dojo refers to an open hall or space for immersive learning or meditation (especially judo and martial arts). While wresting, judo’s most prominent features is its competitive element of amplifying external (i.e. opponent) force to either throw or take down opponent to the ground. Similarly, we get data from various multiple sources, so DataDojo strives to accept data forces and turns these clusters data into meaningful insights.

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To simplify and improve lives of people through our vision of software and create a community of most capable, driven and passionate people.


Our Approach


We come to work as ourselves. We enjoy each other’s company. Our collaborative, cross-functional teams deliver real results, fast.

Promote our Industry

We strive to lead by example and show what the technology industry can be. It’s a big responsibility, but it’s one we relish.

Software for Social Change

Striving for positive social change is at the heart of our purpose, culture and work.

Core Values

  • We cultivate same cultural values and integrity binding us as a team striving for excellence.
  • We strongly discourage discrimination and inequality. Appearances and background does not matter; ideas and dedication towards doing the right thing counts.
  • We passionately and actively endeavor to make both DataDojo and our industry more reflective and comprehensive to the society we serve.

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